Worklocker Wangaratta

How Did Everything Start?

I was running a menswear business and a separate Industrial Workwear and embroidery store when I was presented with the concept of Worklocker. I needed to move to a larger premises as the two business were both expanding, so the timing was ideal. I thought Worklocker was a great concept and the opportunity to have branding on the store was too good to pass up. 

What Happened Next

I moved into the new premises on December 1st 2013. The new location provided more foot traffic, which significantly increased once the Worklocker signage was erected. The opportunities provided by Worklocker have allowed me expand my customer base and sell to a much broader market. The combination of a larger store, the high exposure from the Worklocker signage and nationally recognised branding has brought me great success so far.

Where We Are Today

Cosmetic work is continuing on the interior and exterior of the store and the product range is being expanded and developed to match the needs of local businesses. By developing the range of industrial workwear, PPE and health and safety signage it is hoped that the customer base will continue to grow. The exposure provided by Worklocker has been excellent and has certainly given me an edge over my competitors. My position is sure to strengthen over the next two years as Worklocker stores are opened across the country and the brand gains even greater national recognition.

Worklocker Wangaratta

Address: Crn Murphy and Faithful Street
Wangaratta VIC 3677
Tel: 03 5722 4644 Fax: 03 5722 4648