Worklocker Leeton

How Did Everything Start?
IWS developed the concept of Worklocker and presented it to its members offering the option of becoming a pilot store. We took the opportunity to open one of the first Worklocker stores whilst also working with the other three stores to determine our requirements and develop the best options for branded stores. At the time we had a mixed store focusing on providing school, corporate and industrial workwear as well as fashion clothing and footwear for men and women. We thought this would be a great opportunity to diversify and start supplying a wider range of industrial workwear. Opening a new store under the Worklocker banner would allow us to focus on industrial workwear but also concentrate on growing and developing that side of the business.

What Happened Next
We retained fashion in our original store and moved existing industrial workwear, PPE, schoolwear, corporate wear and embroidery over to our new Worklocker Store. We found that customers had a greater understanding of our new business due to the Worklocker branding and having a store solely focused on becoming the one stop shop for all products related to their workwear environment. We then created a Worklocker Facebook page which ensures our customers receive all updates on product, new products, specials and promotions.

Where We Are Today
Having a Worklocker store has helped us to get closer to our customers and find out exactly what their requirements are. This has allowed us to develop our product range to match their needs. We also have many more customer and contract opportunities than before. Opening a Worklocker store has been a great success and our customer base has grown substantially. This is an exceptional opportunity that we are thankful to be part of. We are developing both our product lines and services on an ongoing basis to ensure we exactly match our customer needs.

Our business is locally owned and operated by an amazing team working together to ensure we provide the best product and service for our customers.