About Worklocker

How Did Everything Start?
We welcome feedback and listen closely to what our members tell us. After receiving requests for a branding option, our team started developing the concept of Worklocker. We presented the new concept to our members and received an overwhelmingly positive response and took the project forward by opening 4 industrial focused pilot stores in Leeton, Goulburn, Parkes and Wangaratta.

What Happened Next
As with any new concept it can take a little time to fine tune the processes and services to work at optimum levels. We also needed to develop the right mix of products to match consumer and member needs. We have trialled a number of marketing strategies to arrive at an ideal working model to replicate in future stores to give the best possible start for our members.

Where Are We Today

The first four Worklocker stores have been a huge success and look fantastic with full branding and signage. We have gained important feedback from the pilot stores since they opened their doors for business and after evaluating what works well and what needs work. We are now developing a fully turnkey model which will allow us to provide current and new members with opportunities to open Worklocker stores throughout Australia in the very near future.